Monday, March 11, 2013


Denim Pettiskirt $20
Small 2-5 years, Medium 6-9 years, Large 10-12 years

Satin Pettiskirts $20
X-small: 3-9 months - Length 8", waist 5.5" unstretched, 6.5" stretched 
Small 2-5 years - Length 10.5-12 inches, waist 7" unstretched, 9.5" stretched
Medium 6-9 years - Length 9.5-14", waist 8" unstretched, 10.5" stretched
Large 10-12 years - Length 11-17", waist 9" unstretched, 11.5" unstretched 
XLarge 12 and up - Length 22", waist 11" unstretched, 15" stretched 
*** Not all colors are available in every size

Red/lime dots, orange hot pink, lime/red dots, turquoise, turquoise/hot pink, purple/lavender, pink, pink/white, hot pink/pink, white/red, white,, black/red dot, black/orange dot, black/yellow dot, black/pink, black/hot pink dot, black/white, brown/pink, cheetah/pink, cheetah/brown, zebra/red, zebra/black, green camo, pink camo, pastel/pink, lavender/pink, red/pink, yellow gingham, lime gingham, light blue gingham, lavender gingham, purple gingham, pink gingham, royal blue gingham, hot pink gingham, black gingham, aqua gingham.


Please email for more info or if you are interested in ordering! 


  1. Can I email my daughter's waist size to see which size she would fit under. She is almost 3 but I am thinking maybe the larger size would be better?

  2. Susie- Yes, please email me and we can figure out the best size!