Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Monarch Butterfly Wing $5
Colors: Lime, royal blue and pink

Fairy Wings $6
Approximately 26 by 20 inches
Colors: lime/blue, lime/turquoise, turquoise/blue

Camo Pixie Wings $5
Colors: green camo, pink camo

Camo Butterfly Wings $5

Gothic Wings $5
Approximately 19 by 23 inches
Colors: red, pink, hot pink, white

Baby Wings $4
Approximately 9 by 7.5 inches
Colors: red, orange, yellow, turquoise, lavender, purple, pink, hot pink, white, black

Pixie Wings $5
Approximately 19 by 23 inches
Colors: red, orange, peach, yellow, lime, olive, light blue, turquoise, royal, lavender, purple, navy, pink, hot pink, burgundy, ivory, white, black, brown, cheetah, zebra, tiger, green camo, pink camo

Butterfly Wings $5
Approximately 17 by 12 inches
Colors:  orange, peach, olive, turquoise, royal blue, lavender, pink, cheetah, zebra, camo, pink camo, pastel. 

Mini Fairy Wings $4 
Approximately 8 by 1o inches
Colors: lime/turquoise, turquoise/royal, purple/lavender, pink/lavender, pink/white, hot pink/lime

Mini Lady Bug Wings $4
Approximately 8 by 10 inches
Colors: red, pink, hot pink

Adult Fairy Wings $7
Approximately 19 by 24 inches
Colors: orange/yellow, turq/hot pink

Angel Wings $5
Approximately 14 by 13 inches

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