Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Want some FREE stuff ?!?

Host an E-Party and earn FREE items.

It's like hosting a home party without the hassle! You just send an E-vite (which we provide) to all in your address book and those that are interested can shop online. Posting on Facebook, your blog, etc. will help get more exposure. They just need to mention your name when ordering for you to get credit. They will have one week to shop and at the end of this time whatever orders come from your show you will earn free stuff for! You really have nothing to lose, no cleaning the house, fixing treats and wondering who will show up, you just have to send out an email and encourage people to order =)

If you are interested email me at craftymoms@live.com and I will send you an email invitation to send out to your friends and family. E-Parties last one week and at the end I will add up the total sales and let you know your hostess credits. If someone from your party decides to host their own party you earn an additional $5 credit.

Hostess Credits: E-Party Totaling: $1-$50= 5% in freebies, $51-$150= 10% in freebies, $151 and up 15% in freebies

Please email me if you are interested or have any questions. Home parties are also still an option if you are in the Utah area.

Credit will not be given to the hostess until all payments have been received from their party. Referral credits do not count during an e-party.


  1. i am intrested in an e party just to try please.

  2. Becko- Please email me so I can contact you, thanks!

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  4. i may be interested in an e party. can i do it if i'm in canada?

  5. Yes you can Butterfly Angel, please email me so I can contact you