Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Interchangeable Headbands

Interchangeable Elastic Headbands $2.00
Red, orange, peach, yellow, light blue, turquoise, lavender, purple, pink, hot pink, ivory, white, and black.

Ruffle Lace Headband $2.00
Orange, yellow, lime, light blue, turquoise, royal blue, lavender, burgundy, and brown.

Interchangeable Crochet Baby Headbands $2.00
Here are the 1 1/2 inch crochet interchangeable headband colors I have available, if you are looking for a color that you don't see, please email and let me know so I can order it! These look so cute plain or with a flower hair bow, knot bow, flower or butterfly attached to it. They fit babies to adults very comfortably.
Colors: Red, orange, yellow, lime, hunter, olive, royal blue, navy blue, light blue, turqoise
Peach, hot pink, light pink, lavender, purple, burgundy, cream, brown, white, black, navy, olive green, burgundy, hunter, peach, navy, royal blue and silver.
**Also available in 2 3/4 inch as well

Wide Lace Headbands $2.00
Aqua, black, brown, hot pink, ivory, lavender, light pink, lime, navy, purple, red and white.

Interchangeable Skinny Lace Headbands 
Colors: Red, orange, peach, yellow, lime, kelly green, hunter, light blue, turquoise, royal blue, navy blue, lavender, purple, hot pink, light pink, burgundy, ivory, black and brown.

These lace interchangeable headbands are very soft and comfortable for your little ones head. Very cute with that extra detail and can attach any clip to make it interchangeable or just wear it plain. 
They are approximately 3/4 inch wide.

Email craftymoms@live.com to order and with questions.


  1. Are you able to make crocheted hats, too, with that same kind of texture?

  2. Hi Rachel! I don't have any of the hats, but can definately get them. What colors would you be interested in?

  3. I wa s wondering if the headbands have any elasticity? I have a 3 month old and I would like them to last her a while. And do you make brown, light green and turquiose ones?

  4. Yes the headbands have elasticity to them, they will fit infants to adults and don't get stretched out. I have brown, a light teal and can get other colors if you need them!

  5. I would love to get some, can you get a light green? I am also considering the flower bows...are they clips? What do they use to attach to hair/headband?

  6. Yes I can get a light green. The flower bows are on alligator clips so they can grow with your baby from the headband right to the hair, or to share with baby and older sisters. Can you please email at craftymoms@live.com so we can talk more!

  7. I just received the headbands I ordered (6, I think) and they are perfect! My daughter is almost 5 months old, and they fit great! My son (who is almost 3) put one on his head today. After chasing him around the house and being worried that they would be stretched out, I put the headband on my daughters head...and it still fit perfect. I would recommend this headband for maybe 3 months (for best fit) and up. This headband also pairs well with the flower bows sold on this site (and they are cute, as well). You can also make your own bow and attach it to the headband. I have searched, and "Crafty Moms" have the cheapest items around! Their shipping prices are very, VERY reasonable and ship QUICKLY!! Excellent customer service! I will be ordering from them again.

  8. I love these headbands and I'm so glad they fit adults!

  9. I have a few headbands I've gotten for my daughter from stores and have been searching and searching for ones I can change bows with. However most of the ones she has leaves either a ring aroun her head or puts a dent where the bow is. Since your bows are aligator clips, will it create a dent in her head? And also wondering if he headbands are itchy or uncomfortable at all for them.Thanks soo much!!

  10. Anonymous-These headbands are very stretchy, soft and comfortable for your babies head. For the crochet headband I have never had an issue with the clips either, but you can always clip it back through the headband so the clip isn't really touching her head. Please let me know if you have any other questions.