Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ribbon Color Chart

Here are some of the colors for the flower hair bows, please specify the outer and center colors when ordering.

L to R: Red with stars, red with zigag (discontinued), candy cane stripe, red with white stripe, red/green polka dot, red/green stripe and red with white dots.
L to R: Brown square, brown dot, tan with pink stripe, pink/brown polka dot, white with pink/brown stripe, horizontal pink/brown stripe, vertical pink/brown stripe, brown/blue stripe, blue/black dot and ABC (discontinued).

L to R: White flower, brown flower, hot pink flower, black flower (discontinued) and purple flower.

L to R: Blue star, green zigzag, bold flower, pink butterfly, pink small dot, multi asterix, pastel diagonal stripe, multi star, turquoise flower.

L to R: Pastel flower, turqoise big dot, turquoise small dot, lavendar big dot, lavendar small dot, pastel star (discontinued), pastel stripe.

L to R: Purple diagonal stripe, tan diagonal stripe, blue diagonal stripe, pink big dot, blue with brown stripe, pink square, green square (discontinued), white with blue/green dot, pink/blue dot.

L to R: Blue with purple/green dot, brown/blue/pink stripe, white with blue/green dot, green with pink and brown stripe.

L to R: Orange/pink stripe, orange-blue-green stripe, orange-blue-brown arrow, orange-green- tan arrow.

L to R: Blue airplane, pink flowers, pink/blue/green stripe (out of stock), blue green dot, purple pink dot, pink brown green dot (out of stock), light pink flower.

L to R: Flower, pink/green diagonal stripe, pink brown diagonal stripe, multi dot, blue/gray Os, brown with turq dot.

L to R: Silver diagonal stripe, silver dot, silver stripe, multi-dots, lime with light pink diagonal stripe, turquoise with brown diagonal stripe.

L to R : Flower, dotted stripe, button, star, white with light pink dot, multi dots.

L to R: Black with dots, robots, space, #1.

I also have solid colors and a few sports ones. Email for more info.

These are the ribbons used for clippies, nursing cover clips and binky clips. If you are ordering clippies, please indicate the solid background color ribbon you would like as well.

Please email us at to place an order or with any questions.


  1. Super Cute. I love the ones I have already got. I want to host a party next time I am in Utah!!! You are doing great.

  2. Hi i was wondern if there was any chance of finding ribbon thats the color of the wildberry with silver stars on them? would be ideal or just like black stars or something? let me know thank u

  3. I will keep my eye open for it Lovina